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St Jerome’s Church has recently undergone a much needed £300,000 renovation.  However we are going to need to raise between £2,500 and £3,000 more each year to run and maintain this 830 year old building and continue to preserve the wonderful medieval carvings and effigies.  

Would you like to help us achieve this aim?  You can do it either by donating funds or, if you live locally to the village of Llangwm, donating your time by volunteering to curate the Talking Tapestry Exhibition, to act as a guide or to steward one of our winter series of concerts

Donate Funds

It’s very simple to donate funds to the Friends of St. Jerome’s and we will ensure that 100% of your donation goes towards the maintenance and preservation of the church.  You can set up either a standing order for regular payments or simply make a one off donation.

Simply click here to email us.

To pay for tickets or to donate through PayPal click here

Donate time by Volunteering

When visitors come to see the Talking Tapestry, they can download an App that provides an enhanced explanation of what it is all about.  And each time an App is downloaded £2.00 automatically goes to the Friends Of St Jerome’s, and that sum goes towards the maintenance and preservation of the church.  

However, with volunteer guides and people to curate the exhibition, we create an opportunity to sell our visitors a wide range of merchandise and refreshments.  If you live locally to Llangwm, could you spare some time?

We are looking for volunteers who could spare a few hours each month.  There is no obligation to be available on particular days of the week or particular times of the day.  We will be appealing via email to our volunteer pool to see who might be available on a certain day and for a few hours.  

Interested?  Simply click here to contact us.

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